• Family – Children of different ages and aptitudes learn to work together and play together.

• Caring – Respect, honour and consideration for others are actively promoted.

• Spiritual awareness – Children’s faith can be built up and their spirits be free to respond to the Holy Spirit.


• Christ-likeness – Emphasis is placed on service before self-interest and co-operation before competition.

• Responsibility – Training is for life by learning to take personal responsibility for actions.


• Firm boundaries – Clear expectations ensure a peaceful and secure working environment.

• Self Discipline – The curriculum enhances self-motivation.

• Positive Encouragement – Progress in all areas is identified and rewarded.


• Traditional – A thorough grounding is given in the basis skills of numeracy and literacy.

• Individualised – The programme is structured and builds on success.

• Small groups – Teachers can respond to individual needs.

• Biblical basis – God’s word is cherished and upheld as the truth and as the essential standard for life.


• Godly perspective – God is the centre and focus of education.

• Vocational – Preparing students for service in God’s world.

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