We aim to present a Christian world view to the children through the whole curriculum; cherishing the freedom to develop our own curriculum under God.  Our main resource is a series of work booklets produced by Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E.). In the reception class, an excellent phonics programme called “Preschool with Ace and Christi” is used. The following year a programme called the “ABC’s” teaches the children to read and introduces them to the PACEs. (A PACE = A Packet of Accelerated Christian Education, i.e. a workbook).

The core of the A.C.E. curriculum comprises individualised programmed learning in:
• Maths
• English Grammar
• Word Building (spelling and meaning)
• Science (including Biology, Chemistry & Physics)
• Social Studies (Christianity in the context of World History and Geography).

The programmed learning approach is such that it makes the child responsible for his/her learning. The child therefore takes responsibility for progress and has to learn how to set realistic goals and achieve them. The emphasis in the work is upon success. Children are also responsible for marking/scoring their own work accurately.They learn how to set realistic goals for what can be achieved in each subject every day. A target of 12 PACE’s in each subject per year is set for most students. However, the children work at their own level and rate. Individualised programmed learning is complemented with group work where students interact with one another and with a teacher.


The Academy seeks to help all pupils develop their full potential and aims to offer particular support, in partnership with parents, where weak areas are identified.


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