Afternoon Curriculum

In Key stages 1 and 2 use is made of the Creative Learning Journey during our afternoon activities.

It empowers children to be creative and to initiate and direct their own learning and that of others, encouraging personal and interdependent working to resolve tasks and problems.

Below are the topics each class will be covering this year:


   Autumn A  Autumn B  Spring A  Spring B  Summer A Summer B
 Years       1+2  Down on the    farm  Where we live/ Christmas  The Weather  Space (child’s choice)  School Garden  Holidays
 Years      3+4  Smashing Saxons  Noel, Noel  Nile Adventure  Chocs away (child’s choice)  Let there be light  Mini Beasts
 Years      5+6  Super Volcanoes  A Victorian Christmas  Earth and Beyond  China A journey into the wild wood!(child’s choice)  Coasts


Click here to view pictures from our afternoon activities.

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