Christian School Record of Achievement and Acceptance for University Placement.

As students move through the Academy they make choices with a view to obtaining one of four levels of the International Certificate of Christian Education.

The International Certificate of Christian Education (ICCE) was launched in September 2004 to replace the National Christian Schools’ Certificate (NCSC). This was in recognition of the international nature of the award and the status it has achieved in several Commonwealth countries. The NCSC was set up in 1994 to accredit work completed by secondary pupils using the ACE curriculum. Hundreds of students have now been able to continue their Christian Education through to Sixth Form studies and graduate with a recognised qualification.

The International Certificate of Christian Education (ICCE) is a Christian qualification for secondary students across four continents. The ICCE was set up to give recognition to work completed over a number of years by students using the ACE curriculum. ICCE graduates continue to gain entrance to colleges and universities around the world.

Students who are ready to work towards accreditation are now enrolled on the International Certificate of Education. The four levels of ICCE are as follows: ICCE Basic Certificate (formerly NCSC Foundation Certificate), ICCE General Certificate (NCSC Level One), ICCE Intermediate Certificate (NCSC Level Two), and ICCE Advanced Certificate (NCSC Level Three).

ICCE Basic Certificate

This certificate is designed for students with special educational needs. It provides a Record of Achievement similar to those issued by many state schools.

ICCE General Certificate

The General Certificate requires a similar level of work needed to obtain GCSEs. It covers English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Biblical Studies, and a number of options chosen by the student which would normally include Information Technology.

ICCE Intermediate Certificate

The Intermediate Certificate is at a similar standard to AS Level. Again, it includes courses in English, Mathematics and Science, building on the knowledge already acquired. There are additional courses in the Humanities including Biblical Studies.

ICCE Advanced Certificate

The Advanced Certificate has been generally recognised by universities and colleges as equivalent to A2 Level. Many students completing this certificate go on to study at degree level. The programme content is determined by the student’s intended degree course or future career aspirations.

Students from Christian Schools around the United Kingdom with ICCE Advanced Certificate have been accepted at Universities such as Oxford, Lancaster, Durham, York, and Edinburgh.